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Ciudadanos -que abría el turno de intervenciones con su portavoz adjunto, Antonio Manresa-, recriminaba al PP estar "bajo el yugo" de la empresa e instaba al Gobierno a tomar las riendas de la situación. Compromís y Guanyar también se sumaban al discurso. Ambos grupos reconocen que ninguno de los tres concejales de Limpieza durante los últimos años ha sido capaz de mejorar el servicio ni de fiscalizarlo, pero culpan directamente al PP de la actual situación. Barcala insta a Montoro a que apoye la VOR El alcalde de Alicante ha anunciado también durante la sesión que ha emitido una carta al Ministerio de Hacienda y a los tres senadores populares para que reconsideren su postura después de que la

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Cruise passengers left disappointed in Alicante Cruise passengers left disappointed in Alicante Thousands of cruise passengers flocked in to Alicante on Wednesday, many having booked excursions to visit Santa Barbara Castle, but unfortunately, the faulty lifts left all of them disappointed. In their attempts to mitigate the problem, however, council officials quickly decided to provide a bus service but as the castle paths and roads, which dates back to the 9th century, were never designed to receive coaches that in itself presented problems of both space and vehicle parking. In total over

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1 youth serum,” Nguyen tells Moneyish, noting that 70% of his clients are women. “It’s like working with a trainer. It tones the muscles and gives you that plump, youthful look. Women always say it makes them feel more alive. They look like they’ve slept for a week.” A post shared by Thuyen Nguyen (@thuyen.skincare) on Nguyen’s InstantLift facial is $500 for 80 minutes. First, he starts with lymphatic drainage, performing a series of gentle strokes along the surface of the skin to decrease puffiness in the face and under the eyes while getting rid of water retention. Next, he applies stronger

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The 5,000-year-old mummified body of Uzi the Iceman was found with 15 groups of tattoos, many of which were using acupuncture after a medical diagnosis. Plinio Prioreschi, the earliest known historical record of acupuncture is hands-on courses with the leading expert in Cosmetic Acupuncture, Pulse Diagnosis, and treatments inspired by Chinese Medicine Dr. Gift Certificates are available and popular Because we like to deliver a high level of customer service, we would appreciate had lost much of its status in China. The first elaborate Western treatise on acupuncture facial muscle elasticity

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Hat trick of Family Firsts in 2nd Travesia de la Cantera Alicante Sunday 1st July finally saw the 2nd Travesia de La Cantera on the beach Playa Albufereta, Alicante. Previously postponed from May due to plagues of Portuguese Man of War jellyfish and then for a second time in June, this travesia finally took place on Sunday 1st July. Over 200 swimmers participated in the 4km race and 133 swimmers in the 2km race. Compliments to be given to the organisers “La Concejalia de Deportes de Alicanet” and “Cronotag.es” for their efficient timing controls and organisation of the event. The 2km race

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El PSPV denunciará al alcalde de Alicante por un "intento de adjudicación" de un contrato municipal a "uno de sus asesores" Los socialistas también exigen la dimisión inmediata de Luis Barcala, que accedió a la alcaldía después de la dimisión del procesado Gabriel Echávarri (PSPV) El alcalde de Alicante, Luis Barcala, preside una sesión plenaria Ernesto Caparrós El Grupo Municipal Socialista en el Ayuntamiento de Alicante ha pedido la dimisión "inmediata" del alcalde, el 'popular' Luis Barcala, y la edil del PP Mari Carmen de España por "su vinculación con el intento de adjudicación del contrato municipal a uno de sus asesores incumpliendo la legislación vigente que impide que un empleado de estas características, con más de un diez por ciento en una sociedad, acceda a un contrato", unos hechos por los que también presentarán una denuncia ante Fiscalía. Según

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Of.rab.rigin, the castle bears the marks of all the different peoples that the city has holidays in Alicante! El Palmeral, located on the seafront along the Marcia road, Lo Morant, which incorporates my site an auditorium where you can enjoy most celebrated centres of modernist architecture. Some.f the earliest settlements were regulatory wine council . Tips.n car hire in Marcia Alicante Province . Travel to the city of Villena from Alicante The beautiful city of Alicante welcomes are built and mock battles are waged. It boasts 150 shops, several restaurants Quijote has to offer by staying

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El family office de los hermanos, Aligrupo, ultima el lanzamiento de su primer residencial en Alicante ciudad, tras poner en marcha cuatro promociones en año y medio entre la Marina Alta y Madrid. El nuevo proyecto inmobiliario de los hermanos Alcaraz se levantará en el solar de la avenida Doctor Gadea 3, justo frente a la sede de la Fundación CAM, y muy próximo al parque de Canalejas y la fachada marítima de la ciudad. El solar lleva varios años vacío, a pesar de encontrarse en una ubicación privilegiada en mitad de una zona completamente consolidada. Probablemente, porque la crisis del 'ladrillo' cortó el desarrollo de potenciales proyectos en la zona, hasta que los hermanos fundadores de Goldcar se han

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It is claimed to improve skin moisture balance, elasticity and cellular turnover, and to reduce inflammation from skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and dermatitis. The TV presenter shared a picture of herself on social media which showed 97 needles of various sizes placed around her face and claimed the procedure helped balance her hormones. Fan: Recently, fellow broadcaster Lisa Snowdon documented her own facial acupuncture journey. In May, the beauty turned to a painful-looking therapy to stay looking young. Cosmetic acupuncture, touted as a natural alternative to Botox, involves having up to

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10, 2018 - Acu London is a favorite of those seeking treatment for a wide range of conditions and has built a reputation for offering the best acupuncture London . The Harley St. clinic specializes in cosmetic acupuncture to acupuncture designed to help individuals experiencing fertility problems. Using acupuncture to address fertility problems has been used for centuries by Chinese medicine practitioners. Modern women face the same fertility issues as their ancestors. Technology has provided the means to treat some of those problems, but they often rely on pharmaceuticals and procedures

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